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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Snapshot of Spring...

Dry and Breezy season was a wonderful break from the heat...but the heat and humidity are quickly approaching! "No! Wait! I need more breezy days....what's this about humidity that spikes off the charts?" Yes,'s soon to come, so please pray for me to survive it once again ! :)
Check out the color on this tree! What an amazing display of God's beautiful creation!
We know a very special family that have started a Christian school focused on reaching the children of the displaced peoples in their city. We were blessed to bring a volunteer team there (and "there" being a dif. was a wonderful trip!) We held VBS and Medical clinics for the school and for a community where they are trying to start a House Church among another group of displaces peoples. Since we don't normally get a chance to do VBS or focus our work on children, this was a really neat week for me! I loved the kids! One of our goals was to teach the leaders how to use Chronological Bible Stories to minister to the kids in the communities. It was a really great experience and very encouraging to both the volunteers and Colombians, and to our team as well.
What a beautiful young girl! She was modeling her newly made necklace for me. :)
I loved that we worked in the same places all 5 days. We got to know the kids so well and fell in love with them! Look how sweet he is!
Singing "Esta Pequena Luz" (This little light of mine)

And then an AMAZING thing happened....Ebie came to visit me!!!
Ebie and I visiting "La Popa" was a cloudy day, but we still had an amazing view of the surrounding city.
Ebie was finally able to meet Yolima and my babies, Caleb, Sebastian, & Cherry
Ebie with Caleb Andres...again...I don't know how the boy grows so fast!
Ebie "supervised" the water jugs, holding the kids off until the end of Sunday School. She was able to worship with my house church family and went with us to a bible study where she saw Chronological Bible Storying in action! :)
When in gotta ride the Bici-Taxi! It's like our own form of the rickshaw! :)
Everyone wanted their picture taken with my aunt "E-deeeth"
Ebie got to experience a very special day with us...we had ALL our house church groups from 3 areas meet together to have a combined worship service! It was such a neat experience!...upwards of around 60 adults and 30 kids! Even the Colombians were shocked to see how many believers were in their area and part of house churches! It was a great testimony to the faithfulness of God and how He IS at work here in Colombia, changing hearts and lives!
Those who were baptized believers shared in the Lord's Supper with us. This was really neat too...and those who weren't baptized yet were encouraged and excited to be able to participate the next time around, after their baptisms! (Which we wanted to do that day but there wasn't enough water in the pond, due to the lack of rain. So...we baptized 7 believers on Easter Sunday at the Sunrise the OCEAN!) Ebie and I spent a few afternoons just walking around Centro...why, because it's beautiful & fun...and has lots of Shopping! :)
We spent her last few nights in the lap of luxury...the Hilton Hotel! :) This was such a special treat for me! I had air-conditioning, down comforters (which I could actually use b/c I wasn't burning up at night, haha!), HOT water, and the most amazing pools! Ebie, as she always does, was a huge encouragement in my life and blessed me tremendously!
This was our "favorite" and only restaurant in the hotel...we had some pretty funny Spanish-English mis-translations was hilarious! :)
***Ebie, Thank you for coming and spending quality time with me! I love you dearly! The Lord knew just when you should come and He orchestrated it perfectly! You blessed my socks off, supported me tremendously, and filled my days with laughter! :) Love you so much!


meme said...

So glad to hear that you and 'Ebie' had such a fun, relaxing and uplifting time together!! I'm in 'withdrawals' from not talking with your sweet mom....tell her 'hi' from me, when you talk with her!! We're praying for the decisions that you are making concerning your future plans...take care, love you! martha

Anna said...

Sarah! I am so glad that yall had such a great time! Thanks for the update! I love you and miss you!

Stacy said...

We so enjoyed having Edie here over the weekend for Annas shower and hearing about her trip to see you! We have been praying for Gods perfect will for you life to be clear to you as you make these decisions. Love you and cant wait till you can come home!
Ps I have a new blog check it out and I welcome any ideas and comments or suggestions you have to offer. Pray the Lord will bless and grow this ministry for His glory. Love Aunt Stacy ps You can see Annas shower pictures on her blog. We missed you!

Stacy said...

Hey Sarah. Thank you for your pictures. We loved having Edie here for the shower and hearing her share about her visit. We are praying the Lords will make his will very clear for you in the coming days. Love Aunt Stacy
ps If you go to Annas blog she just loaded pictures of the shower. We missed you and look forward to you coming home!
I have a blog. Check it our and give me any ideas or suggestions. Pray God will bless this ministry for His Glory!