Help me see with eyes of faith. Give me strength to run this race. i will go Lord, where Your glory is unknown, i will live for You alone. i will go because my life is not my own. i will go...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Training & Fun times in Virginia

It's been quite a while since I attempted my last wall posting! It's September 2007 and I am finishing my last week of training in Virginia. I love Fall weather and we've just had 2 weekends of beautful fall-like weather which just warmed my heart! If only the leaves would change...I'd be so happy! :) Fall is my favorite time of the I'm sad that I'll be missing the beautiful fall leaves and the lovely COOL weather! But I'm also so excited about the amazing tropical sites, smells...hmm, but not the hot weather...but about everything else! :) Training in VA has been great...but I feel like we've almost been in a foreign culture here in the US--we haven't had much access to the news and outside events. But....we've had an awesome time together! The Father has been faithful, and His Word has continued to refresh and prepare my heart. He is so good! I look forward to the next step of the process...although I'm not sure exactly what to expect! The Company has tried to prepare us for many differnt situations we may face. We just recently learned how to kill and prepare chicken! haha...check out the video if you want to see what's behind the phrase "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!" lol! It was a "differnt" experience for sure! :) I want to thank each of you again for your encouragement and for talking with our Father on my behalf. It really means a lot to have your support! Until next time...

By His Grace, Sarah


Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm trying to figure out how to add things to my blog to make it look pretty...and interesting! :) haha!

Getting the letter....

Wow, can you imagine my surprise when I opened the letter! I had convinced myself that I wasn't going to get my first job choice....but the Father had other plans! It was such great confirmation to know that this is exactly where He wants me to be! I had been in pr- that the Father would prepare my heart for where ever He wanted me to serve...and how faithful He is! I can't wait to discover all He has in store for the next few years! :)